MBA alumnus Peter Davies on the importance of renewable energy

This article was first published in Bath Life magazine. Reproduced with permission.

In business, sustainability is non-negotiable. How you choose to incorporate it into what you do affects relationships with your employees, your supply chain and your customers. Having clear ethics regarding sustainability is so important for the long term – you’ll suffer if you don’t.

When I finished university in 2022, I took up an internship in corporate strategy with local green energy supplier, Good Energy. This led to a permanent role, focusing on diversifying the energy supply – which is currently more important than ever, due to the current energy crisis affecting the day-to-day lives of millions.

Due to the sharp rise in energy prices and a high number of suppliers going bust, our services are changing to try and reduce the impact this has on our customers.

I’m currently transitioning our supply to sustainable resources, with the aim of reaching net zero emissions. Green energy alternatives can be cheaper than conventional fossil fuels, too. Because of this, solutions such as solar panels and heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular.

If it wasn’t for my time at the University of Bath, I wouldn’t be in my current job role. The School of Management has great links with local businesses, which I made the most of to get my internship.

Throughout my studies, I learned a lot about sustainability management, which I use daily at work. At the School of Management, sustainability was always incorporated into what we did, from lecture content to the campus itself.

I made great friends there, too. I’m still in contact with other MBA alumni, we have a WhatsApp group and try to catch up whenever we can.

The way business works is changing, you need to take sustainability into account no matter your job role or sector. My goal is to eventually run my own business and because of my experience, I have the skill set to do this.

To me, ambition is realising your potential and trying to push to exceed your own expectations. The more effort you put into your studies, the more value you’ll get out of them. Rather than waiting for someone to give you opportunities, go and get them.

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