Terms and conditions for University of Bath MBA scholarships 2024/25

Full information about eligibility, application and selection for MBA scholarships from the University of Bath School of Management.

1. Scope

These terms and conditions apply to scholarships awarded by the University of Bath’s School of Management for MBA programmes.

The allocation of the scholarship is competitive. Not all applications received may be successful. Please see below for details on how selection is made.

Scholarships are awarded in the form of a fee waiver (‘discount’) which is a sum of money to assist students with tuition fees. The University allocates a waiver to your fee account in place of some of the fee liability you would otherwise have. There is no cash alternative to a fee waiver. Scholarships cannot be deferred and are for the academic year that the application has been made only.

This document outlines the full terms and conditions of this scheme and you should read these before you accept your scholarship.

2. Eligibility

Only applicants who are invited to interview will be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

3. Current scholarships

To be awarded a scholarship you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in section 2 above. Students must demonstrate their experience as defined in each scholarship category.

Each programme and category have their own allocation of scholarships. These have been designed to reflect the values of the Bath MBA programmes and encourage applicants to demonstrate outstanding business experience and knowledge.

For both programmes, our MBA corporate partnerships provide opportunities for organisations to access substantial University-funded bursaries if:

  • your organisation is active in the South West of the UK
  • you enrol two or more MBA students in one academic year.

Executive MBA programme

Scholarship awards for Executive MBA are currently under review. Further information will be available when the new Executive MBA is unveiled in 2024.

Full Time MBA programme

All applications must reference an example from the last 12 months and be based within a business environment.

You are required to make reference to the criteria outlined below, demonstrate impact through examples and explain how the Bath MBA will support you to continue your personal and career development in this specialism.

Social Impact Scholarship

Demonstrate the positive impact your work has had on the world.

You should include:

  • a clearly defined activity/event showing a positive impact that your work has had on the world
  • an explanation of the event or activity including background detail, rationale and the benefits for stakeholders
  • the impacts made: financial, emotional, moral and/or ethical
  • how you have ensured the sustainability and on-going legacy of the impact
  • your ambitions for the Bath MBA
  • how it will continue to help you drive future social impacts

Challenging Change Scholarship

Demonstrate your experience of challenging a person/process in a business environment.

You should include:

  • a clearly defined explanation of the event or activity including background detail, rationale, identification of your stakeholders and the benefits to them
  • the impacts made: Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • how you have secured the  on-going legacy and sustainability of the activity
  • your ambitions for the Bath MBA
  • how it will give you the skills, experience and confidence to continue to challenge people and/or organisations in the future

Entrepreneurship for Business Scholarship

Demonstrate your experience of entrepreneurship or running your own business.

You should include:

  • a clear explanation of your experience in entrepreneurship
  • how your business helps others and the wider community you serve
  • the impacts made: financial, emotional, moral and/or ethical
  • your ambitions for the Bath MBA
  • how it will support your entrepreneurial growth

Leadership Scholarship

Demonstrate your experience of applying your leadership skills in a business environment.

You should include:

  • the skills and attributes that make you a unique leader
  • clearly defined examples of how you have used your leadership qualities to influence or aid others and/or wider society
  • the impacts made: financial, emotional, moral and/or ethical
  • your ambitions for the Bath MBA
  • how it will give you the skills, experience and confidence to grow as a global leader in your future career

MBA Armed Forces Scholarship

We’re delighted to announce that, in support for the Armed Forces Covenant Agreement, all eligible applicants will receive a 50% scholarship towards the tuition fee for the full time MBA programme starting in September 2024 or September 2025.

We’re committed to supporting the future career of those who have served in the UK military and are now looking for a civilian pathway. Our programme is designed to integrate you into the corporate world whilst giving you an experience of all aspects of business. Our dedicated careers team are on hand to help you develop your skills for the business world and help you find your next future.

Applicants are invited to submit their CV before having a conversation with the MBA recruitment team. There are typically ten Armed Forces Scholarships available in each year of entry, however we reserve the right to adjust this figure up or down or withdraw the scholarship at any stage.

Other University of Bath scholarships

The University has the following scholarships available:

Chevening Scholarship

£37,500 (including top up from the University) for 2024 entry. Two available.

Open to applicants from Chevening-eligible countries. On confirmation of the award of a Chevening Scholarship, we will offer a top-up award to two successful candidates selected by Chevening and the Bath MBA selection committee for a special joint partnership award.

Read more on the Chevening website.

Available for full-time MBA students only.

Sir Jack Cater Scholarship

£3,000. One available.

Open to graduates of nominated Hong Kong universities. You will be automatically considered for this award if eligible.

Read more about the Sir Jack Cater Scholarship.

Available for full-time MBA students only.

Alumni bursary

20% discount on fees (amount will change if in receipt of a scholarship)

Open to University of Bath graduates. If you have graduated with a full degree from a different programme at the University of Bath, you may be eligible for a discount of 20% on any part of your fees that you are funding yourself.

Apply for this scholarship when you apply for your MBA.

Read more about tuition fee support for graduates.

Available for full-time and Executive MBA students.

Staff bursary

University staff members may qualify for a discount off PGT tuition fees. In these instances, no further scholarship will be available.

4. Early application discount

An early application discount of £2,000 is available to applicants in receipt of an offer to the full-time Bath MBA. To qualify for this discount:

  • all applicants must pay their deposit within seven days of receipt of their offer to receive a £2,000 discount from their tuition fee
  • all scholarship holders must pay their deposit within seven days of receipt of their offer to receive a £2,000 discount from their tuition fee AND secure their scholarship
  • the early application discount is available to applications received before midnight GMT on 1 March
  • the School of Management reserve the right to withdraw the early application offer before the deadline at their discretion
  • available for full-time MBA students only

5. Deposit payments

If we offer you a place on the programme, you will need to pay a £3,750 deposit to secure it. This can be done via the online Application Tracker.

  • Scholarship holders are required to make the deposit payment within 14 days of receipt of their offer
  • If the deposit payment is not received within 14 days, your scholarship will be cancelled and released to other applicants
  • Candidates who have not received a scholarship have 14 days to pay the deposit and confirm their enrolment

The deposit is non-refundable unless:

  • you fail to meet the conditions of your offer
  • you fail to get a visa (if required)
  • you cancel within 14 days of payment

More information on the University’s terms and conditions.

We will deduct the £3,750 deposit from your course fee when you register at the University.

6. Scholarships

  • Candidates must choose one scholarship category only. Multiple applications will be rejected and the first received application will be considered.
  • All candidates will receive communication as to whether they have been successful or not in their application for a scholarship
  • Scholarships will be considered alongside your application and interview
  • The panel reserves the right to move a scholarship request into a different category
  • Feedback will not be provided on unsuccessful scholarship applications. All scholarship awards are discretionary so even if you meet the criteria, you are not guaranteed to receive one.
  • If a scholarship is awarded to a conditional offer holder, then any scholarship will also be conditional on the student achieving the conditions of entry
  • Once candidates have received their scholarship outcome, their offers must be accepted on the Application Tracker within 14 days; failure to do so will result in the offer being withdrawn; candidates will be advised that they can apply for the following year but may no longer be considered for this year’s entry.
  • Candidates may be requested to provide evidence as stated in their application to support their scholarship
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred, but candidates will be informed of how to reapply for the next year’s intake
  • Scholarship holders will be expected to participate as a Student Ambassador throughout the academic year and three years’ post-MBA
  • If you already have a partial or full scholarship or sponsorship from another organisation (including another University of Bath scholarship) for part of your tuition fees, you can combine these, provided that it does not equal more than the cost of your tuition fees. However, we will not give a University of Bath scholarship to anyone who already has a full scholarship (from another organisation) to pay for their tuition fees. If your financial situation changes the University reserves the right to reconsider the award.
  • The School of Management reserves the right to vary the amount and the number of scholarships
  • The University reserves the right to review application closing dates to ensure the allocation of awards is met in full
  • All University terms and conditions apply

7. Scholarship application process

Candidates submit their scholarship request when invited to interview by the MBA Admissions Team during their application process.

Candidates must ensure they update the application tracker with their contact details. Email addresses of an educational representative or agent will be rejected.

No additional information can be received or amended to the original application.

Each scholarship has its own set of criteria, so candidates must select the criteria that best matches their situation.

We request that all scholarship applications managed by the MBA programme (excluding Chevening, Sir Jack Cater and Alumni bursary) are supported by a video rather than a paper submission.

The video must be of good sound and picture quality and be loaded as one document onto We Transfer. Videos, no longer than two minutes in length, must have the name of the scholarship as the file title and your nine-digit reference number. Email mbaadmissions@bath.ac.uk once you have completed this.

It is the University’s responsibility to identify potential scholarship recipients on the basis of information provided in your scholarship and study application. The University cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions in the information supplied to it and on which eligibility decisions are based. The University’s decision on the interpretation of eligibility criteria is final and there is no right of appeal. You must comply with all requests for additional information to establish your eligibility on the timeframes specified and you must submit any evidence requested by deadlines.

Changes to study

If you change to a non-eligible programme or mode of study then your Scholarship may be withdrawn. These scholarship awards apply only to the Bath MBA programmes and are not transferable to other programmes or courses at the University of Bath. If you make any changes to your original programme of study you must notify the MBA Admissions Team about this as it may affect your continued eligibility.

Suspensions and withdrawal from studies

If you suspend or withdraw from your studies then you will not be eligible to receive any future payments in that academic year.

All scholarships paid will be calculated on a pro rata basis and any overpayments may need to be repaid to the University should you suspend, withdraw from studies, transfer to a non-eligible programme, or no longer be eligible for a particular scholarship for any other reason. In such a case, the University may seek to recover the amount of the overpayment as a debt in the county court.

Repeating, extending or deferring your studies

The scholarships outlined herein will not be paid during any extension/repeat period(s) to your programme. You may be able to apply for Hardship Funds from the Money Advice Team should you find yourself in financial difficulty. Visit http://www.bath.ac.uk/students/finance/funding-advice/hardship-fund/index.html to find out more about Hardship Funds. Please note that awards from this fund are not guaranteed.

The scholarships outlined herein are for the academic year that you make your initial application in only. If you defer or withdraw and restart, any scholarship already offered will become void. If eligible, you may be considered for support the following year, but this will be subject to the terms of those scholarships then in force. There is no guarantee that postgraduate students will be eligible for funding in future years.

Changes to your immigration status

If you have a change to your immigration status, you MUST notify the MBA Admissions Team immediately. We may require you to provide documentary evidence of your change in status.

If you receive notice that you are liable to be detained by the UK Home Office then your scholarship will be suspended for the duration of your detention. The University will review the support available to you to help you resume your studies if your status enables you to continue.

Disciplinary action and fraudulent applications

The University reserves the right to terminate your scholarship award and demand repayment of sums that have already been set off against your tuition fees in the case of any disciplinary action being taken against you. Cases will be considered on an individual basis by the Director of Studies.

The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any sums that have already been set off against their tuition fees. In such cases, the University may seek to recover any money paid as a debt in the county court (in which case it may also seek to recover additional sums such as interest, court fees and legal costs). We may request at any point, for audit purposes, evidence of the criteria as stated in your application.

8. Selection

The Panel (consisting of members of Senior MBA Panel) will convene to assess the scholarship requests. Scholarship decisions will be made at their discretion and their decision is final. All awards are discretionary and limited in number, so even if you meet the criteria you are not guaranteed to receive one.

The MBA Admissions team will inform all candidates the outcome of the Panel’s decision.

9. Ambassadors

All candidates who accept a scholarship award agree to act as a student ambassador throughout their time on the programme and up to three years’ post-MBA.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • sharing your experiences through campaigns such as case studies, blogs, videos etc.
  • providing regular updates for social media channels, such as LinkedIn and Facebook
  • sharing ideas for connecting with potential applicants worldwide
  • being available to talk to potential applicants about the programme
  • helping identify recruitment methods in your home country
  • playing an active role in alumni networks in your home country
  • contributing to newsletters with information from your cohort
  • providing a point of contact after graduation to potential applicants
  • being an ambassador for the programme in your future workplace
  • active contribution to completing post-graduation surveys
  • post-graduation support recruitment through events alongside staff

10. Appeals

There is no right of appeal and the University’s decision is final in relation to your eligibility for a scholarship. You may make a complaint if you believe that you have not been considered for a scholarship because of a procedural error, or you believe that there has been some other procedural problem with our allocating and awarding system. Complaints should be made in writing to the MBA Admissions Team.

11. Use of data

The University may use the data / information you share with us as part of your application, to provide information and advice about the University to you as an applicant. Should you subsequently join the University, the University may also use the data you provide to inform our strategies for supporting you as a new entrant, to inform you about provision that you may be able to access, to monitor student success and for other legitimate reasons. All awardees may be expected to participate in publicity for the scholarships from time to time during the academic year. In the case of scholarships which are funded by a corporate or private donor, personal details may be passed to this third party to assist them to administer the award.