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Brand building and performance marketing. The organisational chicken and egg.

Join Kim Watts, Associate Professor in Contemporary Marketing Theory and Application as we explore the delicate balance between brand building and performance marketing.

Friday 8 March 2024

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In today’s fast-paced market, companies will often prioritise performance marketing and immediate sales activation. Marketers, especially in the digital realm, might find themselves caught in a cycle that sacrifices long-term brand growth for short-term wins. But how do we break the cycle and what comes first?

Delve into the delicate balance between brand building and performance marketing, in our exclusive MBA Masterclass, hosted by Kim Watts, Associate Professor at the University of Bath School of Management on Friday 8 March 09:00 (GMT).

Drawing from Field and Benet’s ground-breaking insights in ‘The Long and The Short of It’ we will explore strategies that will help you to:

· Shed light on the critical need to strike a balance

· Meet increasing business demands

· Cultivate a sustainable pipeline for future growth

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Secure your spot for this insightful discussion, where you’ll uncover actionable insights to strike the ideal balance between immediate sales activation and cultivating a lasting brand presence.

Antidote to the crisis of leadership

Join Stephen Wyatt, Professor of Leadership & Strategy at the University of Bath, as we consider the evolution of leadership and strategies to nurture you as a trusted and impactful leader.

Friday 17 May 2024 

09:00 – 10:00 (GMT+1) Find out what time this is in your time zone

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When we look at the world around us, why do we see so many poor examples of leadership? What truly defines leadership, and why do we witness a pervasive crisis in leadership today? Has the definition of good leadership evolved, or does it remain constant amidst changing times? Join us as we delve into these pivotal questions and explore pathways to cultivate effective leadership. 

Our latest MBA Masterclass, hosted by Stephen Wyatt, Professor in Leadership and Strategy at the University of Bath, on Friday 17 May 09:00 GMT+1, will explore the very essence of good and trusted leadership. We will consider the evolution of leadership, and strategies to nurture and empower individuals to become positive and impactful leaders.  

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Discover the antidote to the crisis of leadership and gain actionable insights that can drive positive change in our world. Reserve your spot to be part of this transformative discussion and uncover the keys to fostering impactful leadership. 

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