Information for employers

We’re always looking for new business partners. Our industrial connections help us deliver practical and relevant MBA programmes.

Our graduates are some of the most sought-after professionals across the globe. They bring a unique perspective to the workplace and deliver innovation and ideas that constantly push and challenge themselves, and their organisations, to reach further in their ambitions.

Consultation with our corporate partners is intrinsic in the development and delivery of programmes that provide real value and benefit to their organisation and to our MBA graduates. We work with you and your team to help you to:

  • identify opportunities for our graduates to have impact in your organisation through our paid internship scheme
  • access project-specific consultancy-style expertise
  • develop a tailored talent acquisition strategy through the employment of our MBA graduates
  • support you in developing your future leaders and deliver forward-looking, practical education that aligns with your operational and strategic needs
When thinking about succession planning, we consider how we equip our colleagues to reach their full potential and support their ambition to progress their career and move into bigger roles within the team. We are always looking to identify motivated and passionate candidates who we think would benefit from an MBA.
Anita Maguire People Director at Vendigital

Driving success through collaboration and partnership

Having already seen early significant success in her career, Alessandra Del Centina, Principal Consultant at Vendigital, was keen to explore new opportunities to accelerate to a more senior level within her organisation. Watch the video to hear about her journey and how an Executive MBA is helping to develop her as a senior leader.

Enabling your team to flourish

Thiago Narisawa, Senior Supply Planner at PepsiCo, talks about his decision to study an Executive MBA and the support he received from PepsiCo and the Bath MBA Recruitment Team to help him achieve his goals. Watch the video to learn from his experiences and the positive impacts that the programme is having on his career progression at PepsiCo.

Sponsor an employee through the Bath MBA

Sponsoring a member of staff to do an MBA can benefit them and your business.

We’ve designed our programmes so that students can apply their learning to their work from the moment they start studying with us. Your employee will develop their leadership and communication skills and critical thinking. They’ll learn the latest management theory and learn to apply it to real-world situations.

We’ve designed our Executive MBA specifically for senior executives. It lets participants fit study around a busy professional life. Read more about our Executive MBA programme content.

Our Executive MBA takes two years to complete. Participants study one module per month. They are on campus once a month, from Thursday to Saturday. The course requires around ten hours of work a week.

Key benefits

  • Access a challenging and exciting programme of people development, designed to equip your senior leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to have impact from the moment they start
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the latest industry research and how it applies to your organisation across management disciplines
  • Gain fresh perspectives on issues affecting your company and practical solutions to help overcome them
  • Access valuable knowledge, experience and input from a broad network of academics, peers and other organisations
  • Develop confident, knowledgeable and ambitious leaders, committed to making a positive impact on your future growth and development

Local Corporate Partnerships

Our MBA corporate partnerships encourage organisations to consider their long-term strategy for growth and how they can nurture and develop talent from within, whilst attracting the next generation of leaders to want to be a part of your future. We work with you and your team to help identify future leaders and deliver forward-looking, practical education that aligns with your operational and strategic needs.

Your organisation may qualify for a substantial University-funded bursary if:

  • your organisation is active in the South West of the UK
  • you enrol two or more MBA students in one academic year

You’ll also benefit from student project work, MBA recruitment opportunities and other engagement.

We've had several employees come through the Bath MBA and that's really helped us shore up our capabilities as a management team. The breadth of experience you get from the MBA and the understanding and capabilities you grow from it enable us to be able to think differently as a management team.
Toby Clark Advice Distribution & Servicing Development Lead, Nationwide

Work with our MBA students

There are several ways to get access to our brightest students.

Offer a paid internship

You can employ our full-time students for up to six months once they have finished their MBA.

Our internship scheme offers your organisation:

  • experienced postgraduate students with at least three years’ pre-MBA management experience at the point of application
  • a valuable link to MBA graduate recruitment
  • opportunities to work with the best of our UK and international students
  • extra resource for special projects
  • enthusiasm and fresh business insight
  • specialist knowledge and international perspective

Offer a project

Offering a project can help you address issues within your business. You’ll get specialist consultancy-style expertise in a very cost effective way.

As this is a project based on a live issue, you’ll be closely involved. You’ll help define the project’s aims and be involved in selecting the students whose skills and experience best meet your requirements.

Key benefits

  • Professional, quality consultancy and research at a fraction of the cost of a mainstream provider
  • No fee, although we ask you to cover your student’s basic expenses
  • Work with students with international experience and perspective
  • Results you can use in a short amount of time
  • Academic input drawn from the latest business and management thinking, theory and practice
  • Support from a School of Management academic supervisor
  • Access to potential future recruits

Employ our students directly

Partnering with us to hire MBA students is a great way to recruit high-calibre talent quickly and at no cost. Our MBA Careers Team can:

  • advertise vacancies
  • advise on the best students and courses to target
  • collate applications
  • support the selection process
For us at Delphis Eco, education and professional excellence are key. We are constantly looking for partners and opportunities to support educational growth, especially in the Sustainability sector. The University of Bath MBA placement scheme is an excellent opportunity to bring students and companies together. Basanth, our MBA graduate intern, has been a fantastic addition to our team.
Mark Jankovich CEO & Founder, Delphis Eco

MBA internships - Sun Qi's story

Sun Qi worked as Account Director for Grey London, a global agency responsible for advertising campaigns for brands including Volvo, Marks and Spencers, and Lucozade.