Tips to become a successful businessperson, from MBAs

Many of the world’s most influential people have one thing in common: an MBA.

Sheryl Sandberg, George Bush, Shaquille O’Neal, even TV chef Ina Garten—they’ve all got one.

It seems the course lends itself to any walk of life, as long as it’s success that’s on your lips.

So, how can you reach your full potential? Bath MBA student Juan Pablo Brotfeld shares his experience.

Moving from Chile to the UK was done all in the name of an MBA for Juan. And, it all paid off—he’s now heading to London to work for a top marketing company.

But, he’s not naïve, and knows the importance of learning from past mistakes. His key tip for finding success?

“Failing is crucial, and something that one must encounter in order to succeed in every aspect of life,” he says.

“The key is to embrace your failures as learning curves and question yourself. What can be done better next time to avoid this? Failure comes with frustration, but also forces you to become stronger and more resilient. If you really want something, you’ve got to fight for it”.

This is an extract from an article originally published by Business Because.