Pride & Prejudice, borders and beliefs: the enduring challenge of horizontal leadership – 27 March 2017

A man with dark hair stood on the banks of a weir with sandstone building in the background.

An interactive session with Professor Michael Lewis.

In all organisations, value is created by a range of different specialists but only delivered and fully realised when these specialists work collaboratively. In most organisations (of any scale or complexity) this process of horizontal co-ordination presents a significant challenge.

In his interactive masterclass, Professor Lewis explored (deploying an eclectic range of source material including, as it is Bath, Jane Austen) the critical process of bringing together these invaluable but problematic silos.

Professor Michael Lewis is Professor of Operations and Supply Management. He leads the Managing Operational Processes module on the MBA. Mike has teaching, research and consultancy experience with a broad range of public and private sector organisations in the UK and globally. Current projects include professional service transformation and operations leadership.

Slides available on request from Liz Alvey.