MBA startups to look out for – 2018

Business schools have launched countless game-changing startups, including huge companies like Instagram and StubHub.

But what do next year’s breakout businesses look like? Bath’s very own startup leaders discuss their venture.


Who: Simon Rollings, Chris Bramston

Where: University of Bath School of Management, Class of 2018

Gocerii is a meal delivery service aiming to tackle the problem of food waste among ‘Generation Rent’. With 13 million UK adults now living in shared accommodation, Gocerii offers a flexible alternative to meal-box services and supermarkets that force consumers to buy food individually. The startup offers shared meal planning through recipes that can be personalised according to diet, complete with cost-splitting methods for easy communal eating.

Tell us about your career journeys.

Simon: I worked at multiple startups coming out of the Rocket Internet startup incubator, including Hello Fresh. After that I joined Future, a media company where I headed up the strategy of its ecommerce division.

Chris: I joined Dyson as a graduate in 2012, and moved up through various roles covering digital, product strategy and marketing.

A year before starting the MBA I moved jobs and went to the RAC to oversee upselling to existing members. The ‘theme’ that’s tied my career together is engineering—figuring out how things work, spotting problems, and solving them.

How did the idea for your startup come about?

Simon: Like all good ideas—over a beer! We knew we wanted to do something with food, and originally wanted to focus on personalised nutrition plans. But as we worked through it, we realised we were trying to solve acute problems with an overly generic product.

The answer was staring us in the face: we’d both gone back to being students for the year, and were living in shared accommodation!

Chris: I’d lived in shared accommodation in Bristol for several years so this really made sense to me.

I’d lived with some keen cooks, but we’d only cook together once every couple of weeks. The fridge was always full of ‘too much of something’… There had to be a more efficient way for us to buy exactly what we needed to feed ourselves in the evenings!

Simon: Having worked at Hello Fresh and being a user of multiple different food delivery boxes, I always felt they could be done better.

If you were to have one night where you can’t cook, food goes to waste from the box, so unless you have a really rigid routine these boxes just don’t deliver what they promise. Having shared the boxes with friends in the past, this makes it really difficult to ensure everyone is happy to eat the recipes.

This is an extract from an article that was originally published by Business Because