John Rawlins – class of 2015

John Rawlins graduated from the Executive Part-time Bath MBA in 2015 and is the Head of Commercial Strategy and Planning Enterprise for Vodafone. Here he talks about managing an MBA with a young family and the career benefits he’s received as a result of his MBA.

Tell us a little about your background

I was working in the Commercial Finance team at Virgin Media and felt that an MBA would allow me to move my career in a broader direction, away from Finance and into a wider variety of roles.

Why did you choose the Executive Bath MBA?

The Bath MBA fitted my requirements for a number of reasons. The flexibility of the course allowed me to take the different modules at a pace of my choosing, which meant I could get married, have two children, move companies twice, and still juggle the requirements of a demanding MBA!

What has the Executive Bath MBA given you?

The breadth of the course satisfied my need for a broader platform for growth, and coupled with the strength of Bath’s academic reputation, has facilitated my career growth in a variety of directions.

Thanks to the MBA, I can now hold my own in a variety of forums where previously I would not have had the insight to contribute and challenge the direction of the conversation.

The benefits of the MBA do not start at graduation, they are delivered throughout the course as you apply what you’ve learnt in each module to real-life situations. This can be anything from strategy, to supply chain inefficiencies.

How has the Executive Bath MBA helped your career?

The MBA has allowed me to move away from Commercial Finance and into a variety of roles, including Strategy, Contract Management, and Marketing. I have been tasked with creating departments from scratch and then leading those departments, as well as working independently on strategic assignments. I expect to be doing something completely different again next year.

What would be your one piece of advice to someone considering the Bath MBA?

Be clear with yourself as to the outcome you’re seeking. An MBA is a large investment, be sure that you will get what you need from it.