Elmira Paluaniyazova – class of 2017

2017 Full-time MBA graduate Elmira Paluaniyazova posing on a stairwell against a glass wall

After working in her home country Uzbekistan, Elmira studied The Bath MBA to help her make the next step in her career. She spoke to us about her experiences on the course and how she fell in love with Bath.

Where did you grow up, study and work, before you came to Bath?

My name is Elmira and I am from Uzbekistan. I speak five languages; Russian, English, Uzbek, Kazakh and Karakalpak. Before joining the Bath MBA, I worked in the biggest petrochemical financing project in Central Asia.

What is it like living in Bath?

Bath is quite sunny and warm and I enjoy every season in this city. There are so many parks that you can go for a picnic with your friends on a Sunday afternoon. People are very polite and friendly and there is a positive vibe in every part of the city. It is a very romantic city and I fell in love with it.

What is it like being a Bath MBA student?

Being an MBA student in Bath is a very challenging but fun journey. There is so much going on every week whether it is a skill-building session, or a presentation by a top business leader. We’ve also had presentations on sustainability and green business, and presentations by our class colleagues about their culture. Amid all of these meetings and classes, we always find time to go out and relax!

What parts of the programme have you enjoyed?

The events and presentations organized by the Careers Team were absolutely essential in opening my horizons. Moreover, the support the Careers Team provided with drafting CVs, having mock interviews with recruitment consultants, and the feedback they provided was very helpful.

How are you working with companies as part of your MBA?

There are many opportunities to work with companies throughout your projects and assignments, and I have engaged with ten companies. For my individual project, I am working with Bayer and for my group project I am working with Nationwide. The Bath MBA is well connected with companies and I found it easy to secure projects as a Bath MBA student. I am also applying for various internship opportunities at the moment and I think I will find a good one.

What makes Bath exceptional?

The small class size gives you an opportunity to get to know different business cultures. I still remember a presentation by my Japanese colleague Natsumi, where she talked about the acceptable level of make-up and clothing in her business environment. Now if I have a meeting with Japanese investors, I know how to impress them. The Bath MBA definitely provides a platform to share and learn from each other’s differences.

What are your long-term career goals?

I see myself in a general management role after graduating and in five years’ time I see myself holding a strategic role within a big multinational company. I have the passion and vigour to add value to a company and now, with a Bath MBA, I have the right set of skills and breadth of cultural knowledge as well.