Ivan Munoz Trejo – class of 2016

Ivan grew up in Mexico City and decided to study The Bath MBA in 2016 to help him gain an international job role. We caught up with him to find out about his experiences and how the course helped him with his career.

A bit of background

I grew up in a difficult neighbourhood of Mexico City. Thanks to an association called INROADS, devoted to helping talented young people with scarce resources, I could start my professional career at IBM where I worked in pricing for a couple of years, then moving to HSBC in roles such as Planning, Management Information and ERP Implementation. My next role was at BMW Financial Services, where I had the opportunity to work in Controlling, Planning and Residual Values. While at BMW, I decided that for my next move I had to aim for an international role and this is where Bath came into my mind.

What made you decide to do an MBA and why did you choose Bath?

I knew that if I wanted to push myself to an international career I needed more experience within the international community. I decided to look for an MBA abroad that would let me open my mind to a world of possibilities and perspectives. Bath was the clear choice because of its varied program, highly international cohort, and strong focus on finance.

What was it like living here and studying on the Bath MBA?

It is a highly time-consuming programme. It really pushes you to give the best of yourself and to deliver outstanding results in a high-pressure environment. On the other hand, it is a highly interactive and friendly programme that provides exceptional life experiences to the participants. The city is amazing and vibrant all the time. It’s beautiful and easy to walk around, making daily activities such as walking back home or hanging out with friends, something enjoyable.

Tell us about your new job

I am based in Paris, working for Nissan Europe in the launch of new vehicles. It is an exciting role in marketing and gives me the opportunity to combine my experience in finance with my recently improved skills in management and marketing.

How did the MBA help you get where you are now?

The Bath MBA helped me with the necessary tools to face interviews in an efficient and focused way. The amount of experience gained by sharing ideas with my cohort and debating them helped me to build my confidence, making it easier to deal with a highly competitive recruitment process such as Nissan’s. My ability to handle problems with a broad perspective, enhanced by the use of case studies and group discussions, was also critical in the recruitment process. I was able to show my future managers my skills and my potential.

What are your long-term career goals?

My targets for this year are narrowed to three: to give outstanding results in my new role at Nissan, to learn French, and to complete my CIMA certification as a next step in my development. I hope to be able to move to Japan in a few years with the help of Nissan, as part of my medium-term objective of becoming a Management Director for the group.