MBA masterclass: Defining your career goals

Join Professor Otilia Obodaru in exploring what meaningful work is for you and the trade-offs we often face when navigating our careers.

Friday 11 February 2022
9:00 – 10:30 (GMT)

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This taster lecture will be presented by Dr Otilia Obodaru, Professor at the University of Bath’s School of Management, and is representative of the MBA’s ‘Defining your career goals’ unit.

The lecture will discuss the IKIGAI framework, which argues that meaningful work is to be found at the intersection of four factors:

  1. what you love
  2. what you are good at
  3. what you can get paid for
  4. what the world needs

The lecture will delve into these four components, present some of the most relevant social science research related to them, and then consider the frequent trade-offs that many people face when trying to achieve IKIGAI (e.g. doing what you love often comes at a financial cost, what you love is not necessarily what you are good at – and vice-versa).

The lecture will be followed by a question and answer session with Becky Gallagher – MBA Recruitment Manager.


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Otilia has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour from INSEAD. Prior to joining the University of Bath, she was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard Business School and an Assistant Professor at Rice University. Her research focuses on how people navigate the contemporary career landscape, the struggles they often encounter, and ways to deal with these struggles effectively. For instance, she studied how people in dual-career couples co-manage their careers, how living abroad can increase people’s self-clarity and the clarity with which they make career decisions, how people can navigate situations when they need to cooperate with their direct competitors, how to extract the most value from uncertain times of being in between roles or careers, and how people deal with their “alternative selves” i.e. their ideas about who they might have been if something in the past had happened differently.

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